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Welcome to senshicons, a Livejournal commnunity for all those who love any form of Sailor Moon. As well as being able to show off your Sailor Moon graphics here, each week a contest will be run allowing the members to participate in.

First of all, this community is members only, although it is not a moderated membership.

If you ever have any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions, feel free to notify one of the community maintainers. I want this community to be fun, and to keep people satisfied.
1. Most graphics in your post should be Sailor Moon related in someway.

2. Please use an lj-cut if you have more than four icons, or images larger than 350x350. inappropriate images/content are also required to be under cut. Please use specific warnings and ratings that may be required. This just loads the page faster for people on slower connections. How to make an LJ-cut

3. It'd be nice if you made an introductory post about yourself when you first join the community, and some samples of your work.

4. If there is ever a problem with graphics and such, please sort it out like civilised people and if that can't be done, contact one of the community maintainers.

5. Any rules that have been posted by the creator must be applied. There are no exceptions.

6. Community advertising: Not too many please. Oh, and try to keep them graphics and/or Sailor Moon related. Thanks.

7. Posts are Friends Only by default, please keep them that way. Do not go back and make them public. Any posts marked as public will be deleted.

That is all.
Weekly contests
A new theme will be posted every Friday night, after the voting post has been posted. You will then have one week to create your icons for the contest.

1. Each member may submit two icon per theme, unless otherwise stated. They may be Manga, Anime, Sera Myu, or Live Action.

2. Fanart is not acceptable, unless with the artist's permission.

3. Icons must be 100x100 & 40kb or less. They must fit the LJ guidelines.

4. The icons must be newly made for each contest. Please don't post them anywhere else, until after the winners have been decided.

5. No discrimination against other people's icons. Nobody's icons 'suck'.

6. Icons should be submitted like thus:

Credit: brushes, textures, etc. (if applicable)

1. Vote only for the specified number of icons. If you vote for more, your vote will be discarded.

2. Do not vote for yourself.

3. Voting will be held between Friday Night/Saturday Morning and Sunday Night/Monday Morning. You have 48 hours to vote, at which times the winners will be announced and the banners will be made.

Past Contests

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